AMD releases Radeon Adrenalin 3.1 driver.

AMD officially released the latest Radeon Adrenalin 3.1 driver, mainly to increase the optimization of the upcoming “Devil May Cry 5”, but also repaired some bugs.

Radeon Adrenalin 3.1 driver update:

1. Increase the optimization of “Devil May Cry 5”. The average performance of Vega 64 is 4% under the new driver.

2. Fix the bug that caused the Radeon WattMan setting to not work properly with the Radeon VII graphics card.

3, repair the mouse lost frame caused by connecting multiple monitors

4. Fix the black screen problem when the ACER KG251Q display is displayed at 240Hz frame rate through the DP interface.

5. Fix the problem of HDR failure under video playback.