International Consumer Electronics Show, there are many unique robots, but Alena is absolutely the most impressive, especially in its appearance.

Designed by the Oregon startup Robomodix, the Alena dialogue robot hopes that this robot will make the interaction of the robot more fluid and human. The robot is equipped with six motors for head, eye and mouth activities.

In terms of functionality, the robot has built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Echo speakers, but can only speak voice messages through Alena’s mouth. You can ask Alena about the weather today, whether there is a rain or not. Surprisingly, Alena is very fast and real, no less than a real human. If it is not a little bit of a sense of disobedience in the voice, you may actually feel that you are talking to a human.

Robomodix says robots have applications as ancillary devices or “connected” robots to help teach people who have difficulty understanding human facial expressions (such as people in the autism spectrum). The company believes it may be a stepping stone for autonomous driving, because if the driver’s seat of a driverless car has a humanoid robot, people may be more autonomous.

It might be a bit strange to talk to a robot head with such a look, but isn’t it strange to talk to a smart speaker in the room?