This crisis in COVID-19 is known to affect the whole world. Not even the giant e-commerce companies like Amazon are fully affected Too Because that company has warehouses, factories, and offices in the United States Each employee is concerned about the virus, so Amazon is planning to create a laboratory for COVID-19 for the safety of its employees.

The information about building the lab comes from Amazon’s internal book stating that COIVD-19 is now affecting all levels of the company, causing Amazon to begin building laboratories for the testing of all employees. In order to find out whether someone is infected in the workplace Which will check everyone whether they show symptoms Or showing no symptoms Due to the spread of infection in America, many of them come from COVID-19 patients who have not shown any symptoms.

By the laboratory for the said infection Created specifically for Amazon employees to prevent spreading among themselves at work. Including preventing the outbreak to the outside as well

And although many companies now In America, the Work from Home measures are being implemented, but Amazon employees who can’t work at home because they have to work in warehouses. Or distribution center By now, there are at least 74 employees from warehouses that have a positive COVID-19 test. If there are still others that are not detected yet. There is a greater risk of spreading the infection to the outside world. Because COVID-19 will stick on the paper box for up to 24 hours. On the plastic surface The virus can survive for many days.

In addition, every Amazon workplace will have a body temperature check for all employees. And have to clean various surfaces In the workplace regularly Including each employee wearing a mask And work away from each other too (Social Distancing)

Considered as creating comfort And safety for all employees Including those customers who have to receive products from Amazon too, because when the Lab is completed when Staff will be tested to ensure that workplaces, warehouses and distribution centers. It is safe from COVID-19 and will definitely not spread to outsiders.