Analysts suggest that retail giants will launch on time to compete with PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

Amazon will announce its own game streaming service next year and is expected to be released by Christmas.

This is according to two sources familiar with the company’s plans in an interview with CNET, who participated in a streaming strategy for large companies including Google, Sony and Microsoft.

Rumour has it that Amazon announced earlier this year that it is developing a streaming service, and CNET is currently preparing to announce it. The company is also reported to have recruited talent from major gaming companies, including Microsoft.

On the other hand, the job listing for the “new initiative” within the Amazon Web Services team is thought to be for streaming services. One of these suggested that Amazon integrate the service into Twitch and some other businesses. Google has a similar integration plan between Stadia and YouTube.

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, predicted the launch of the service by the end of this year with respect to the site, adding that “it’s very unlikely that we will launch Scarlett and PS5 without Amazon.”

Amazon has been looking for ways in the game industry for the last decade and the results vary. Internal Amazon Games Studios currently produces few titles such as mobile games for Amazon Appstore and PS4 and Xbox One driving games based on Grand Tour and were laid off earlier this year. The Lumberyard engine, on the other hand, has been difficult for many developers to develop their games.

Google launched its own streaming service Stadia earlier this week and re-announced it at GDC 2019 in March.

Xbox is still developing a preview version of Project xCloud, which has recently expanded to more titles and will be available in more markets next year. We spoke with xCloud’s project leaders last week at X019.

Sony has acquired its initial rival Gaikai and has been running streaming services for several years. PlayStation Now ran largely in the background, but recently platform owners stepped up their efforts with price cuts and time-limited ‘marquee games’ like GTA V and God of War.

Earlier this year, the company said the success of the PlayStation 5 will depend on streaming and backward compatibility to make the new console as accessible to new and existing customers as possible.