Adobe announces roadmap for developing Photoshop for iPad

Adobe recently released a long-awaited version of Photoshop for the iPad, but the initial review was quite mixed, and many people were disappointed by the lack of app functionality. Adobe has responded to criticism by releasing a roadmap for the application and details the features that will be visible in the application in the coming months.
Models like the iPad Pro have a great screen and plenty of free space, so the idea of the full version of Photoshop on iPad is interesting for many. Therefore, many people are eagerly waiting for more features.

2019 topics and cloud document improved the selection, 2019 can quickly select more complicated subjects through the Select Subject features powered by the Adobe Sensei AI machine learning techniques. Cloud documents have also been speeded up to make faster uploads and downloads.

In the first half of 2020, the
Refine Edge, Brush Sensitivity, and Canvas Rotation Refine Edge brushes will be displayed in the app, allowing photographers to choose the more demanding materials like hair perfectly. Brush sensitivity is an option that increases the usefulness of Apple Pencil and allows photographers to rotate the canvas.

Curves and Adjustment Layers
Perhaps one of the most sought after features, Curves will be released next year in the iPad app, providing many photographers with one of the most essential correction adjustments. Adobe also plans to enhance the current adjustment layer by adding more features to level adjustment.

Lightroom integrated photographers can take the original image from Lightroom on the iPad, process it and move it to the Photoshop app without any intermediate devices.

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