This is how the LiDAR scanner works under infrared light.

The new LiDAR scanner at iPad Pro 2020 works by seemingly invisible processes. In fact, it is possible to see how technology works. You need infrared light and a camera to do this. Here is the result.

This is how the LiDAR scanner works under infrared light.

The first pieces of Apple’s revolutionary tablet have already reached the first customers, and they have decided to test them in all possible ways. FavoriteTech ‘s YouTube channel shared a video today showing how the new LiDAR scanner works under infrared light .

Although you do not notice anything “suspicious” while working with the device, in fact, beams are emitted into the space and the iPad measures the time before it bounces off a wall or object, for example, and returns to the scanner. This can create 3D visualizations and mappings that are unprecedented among other tablets (or smartphones) .

In the video below you will see how the scanner transmits beams and how it creates a kind of “point map” on scanned objects to measure distances and dimensions. In cooperation with the camera, it will make a very accurate 3D scan of the object.

This is how the LiDAR scanner works under infrared light.

LiDAR is not a ToF sensor in the true sense…

As already indicated, it is not a classic ToF sensor, but works on the same principle. According to the manufacturer, LiDAR is much more accurate and can measure the height of scanned objects, for example. The first videos from users have shown us what it looks like in practice . It is already clear that developers will have completely different options for developing a variety of exciting apps . We look forward to it.

The important information at the end is that LiDAR will not only stay with the apple tablet, but will also get into the upcoming iPhone 12 (probably only the “Pro” version). As it looks like, we have prepared these visualizations for you . So, do you see potential in it or not?