Apple on iOS 13.4 did not fix the security vulnerability !

The apple company is trying to make its operating systems as secure as possible. But sometimes it fails, and like everywhere, there are various errors. About one recently reported developer “Mysk”. In his words, it is also in the official version of iOS 13.4, which was released a few days ago to the public .

Apple on iOS 13.4 did not fix the security vulnerability !

The bug itself concerns currently very popular applications, such as TikTok . According to Mysek’s words, it can read the information that is in your clipboard . This is a serious privacy violation that is certainly not right. As stated by the developer, only standard tools provided by Apple were used to detect the error .

The deficiency was still found during beta testing. Not only Mysk, but many other developers contacted Apple. And although everyone took it for granted that the competent people would solve it, it did not. Controversial access to the mailbox still persists.

Today’s iMore report even says some developers have taken the mistake of their own and are working on a possible solution design . However, given the system’s closure, it is questionable whether they will succeed. If you are not a technology expert and do not know what can be found in the clipboard, this is basically a variety of information that you can copy and paste.

Maybe it doesn’t sound that serious. In fact, you often use the feature for phone numbers, passwords, security codes, credit cards, and so on. So we hope Apple will begin to solve this problem and ensure the perfect and secure privacy of its users.

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