There is no secret that is much stricter than Google than Apple in what Apple is allowed in the App Store. Nevertheless, you can still choose more than 2 million iOS apps.

While many of these apps can help, the amount of data technology the company collects is very shocking. However, you can still keep this feature by changing some settings. Tap or click to see which adjustment setting you need to adjust now.

These apps may be the reason why your device doesn’t always charge all day. You may be surprised to know what the most famous apps are for battery drain. Want to get the most out of your iPhone? Don’t miss these 9 essential tips and tricks for iOS 13. Tap or click here to scrutinize notifications and make your phone run faster.

1. The largest social network

The Facebook app uses terrible battery life. If you don’t change some settings, they run continuously in the background and automatically sync updates with your contacts. But do not worry. These problems are not difficult to solve.

First you need to disable location settings and background app refresh. Then disable video autoplay. Click or click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do it all.

You can also turn off notifications to prevent battery drain. In this way, your phone will not work overtime to continuously provide unnecessary and annoying notifications.

Here’s how to turn off notifications:

Open the Facebook app. Click the three line menu and select Settings and Privacy, then Settings. In the security options, tap Apps & websites. Click Apps, Websites, and Games and turn off the feature.

2. An app that always knows where you are

Google Maps is very useful, but the most useful apps tend to damage your phone’s battery the most. Google Maps requires an excessive amount of data to run properly and render accurate location details. Thankfully there are a few ways you can prevent Google Maps from overusing your battery life.

Stops updating the map itself when not in use. Both require a significant amount of power, so turn off GPS mode and adjust your location features. If you don’t need it or don’t use the app, turn it off until you need it.

Here’s how to adjust your settings:

● Open Settings and scroll down to Google Maps.

● Do not choose between tap position and, during the app use, ask for the next time or always.

● After adjusting your location settings, tap Google Maps on the top left of your screen, then select Notifications.

● To prevent your device from sending unnecessary notifications to your device, turn off Allow Notifications.

3. Short message but big battery consumption

Interestingly, Snapchat is one of the selfish apps that lacks a soft spot for your phone battery or overall performance. The notification service alone can shorten the life of your device. The app uses location services to report real time user location.

It is necessary to consider turning off the real-time positioning function of supplying the battery. Here’s how:

● Open the Snapchat app.

● Tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.

● Tap the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the screen.

● Scroll to the Can … section and tap View my location.

● Select the ghost mode.

In the same section, you can allow friends to request your location.

4. Not a battery-hungry app

Like the parent app, Facebook Messenger doesn’t drain other batteries. Once again, it all comes down to what is happening in the background.

But to chat with your Facebook friends, you don’t need to use Facebook Messenger. Facebook realized what the consumption of a regular messaging app was, and a social giant created Messenger Lite.

Always update your Facebook Messenger app version. The latest version always works most efficiently and saves valuable battery life.

5. Apps used by over a billion people

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, with the largest number of users of messaging applications surpassing Facebook.

It may be popular, but the battery will drain even if you don’t use it.

It leads us to the first solution. Use less If you are really worried about battery life, look for another alternative.

If you can not give up, there are several options. Just like Facebook, turn off push notifications. You can also stop watching videos through WhatsApp. This is because the video disappears more from the phone battery.