OPPO held the 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference with the theme of “Ten is Seeing” and officially released the 10x hybrid optical zoom technology.

It is understood that on the basis of 5 times optical change, the OPPO’s 10x hybrid optical zoom technology has ingeniously adapted a camera structure of super wide-angle, ultra-clear main and telephoto, covering from super wide angle to long. The “complete viewing angle” of the coke, the “clip-on” achieves 10x hybrid optical zoom, and the equivalent focal length of 15.9-159mm, which meets the needs of users for multi-scene composition creation from super wide angle to telephoto.

Dual OIS optical image stabilization is also introduced on the ultra-clear main camera and telephoto camera to help users easily capture clear and beautiful photos.

OPPO said that the 10x hybrid optical zoom module has 100+ R&D patents.

After 28,000 x2 rounds of severe anti-drop tests, it has reached the level of commercial and production. The relevant experience samples will be officially announced during MWC 2019.