30 real extensions for the Chrome browser

Google Chrome is king of the browsers, among other things, because of its practical extensions. Picked 30 best Chrome extensions.  The Chrome browser has been the most widely used browser on the market for many years. There are many reasons for success. In addition to a quick way of working and cross-platform availability, there are also almost inextensible extensions that can extend browser functionality.  You can turn it into a more powerful tool. In this article you will find 30 practical extensions with various functions. Colorful general stores await, and this one also works with Microsoft’s new Edge browser with Chromium base. You can find recommended extensions for Mozilla Firefox in other articles. 1.Black Menu: The Chrome extension provides all Google services in one place. Want to find apps in the Play Store, find places on Google Maps, or view Google News? The black menu allows you to do all this directly from the chrome bar. Extensions provide shortcuts to almost all Google services, including search. You can also use a shortcut to start a hangout or manage your Android device through Google Play. 2. Mercury Reader-Chrome extension provides a reading mode for your website Mercury Reader lets you turn any website into a digital book. With one click, all the elements that interfere with the reading are removed-the text is centered. In Settings, you can make additional settings such as font size and font adjustment. If you prefer to read text from the Kindle, send the modified article to your ebook reader in one click without any problem.
3.Chrome extension Onetab Can you see that you opened too many tabs at once and that Chrome is confusing and using more resources than your browser needs? This plugin can help here because it closes all tabs, saves links for all open tabs and is neatly listed in tabs. According to the developer, this tool can reduce memory by 95%.
4.The Great Suspender An extension with a similar purpose to Onetab is The Great Suspender. The extension actually “sleeps” to disable RAM in the Chrome tab. In your extension’s settings, you can set how long your tabs are inactive and how you wake them up.
5. Mighty Text One of Apple’s favorite features on macOS is the ability to receive and respond to SMS and MMS directly from your desktop. If you’re using an Android smartphone and using Chrome or the new Edge browser on your desktop computer, you can do it with Mightytext. In addition to the Chrome extension, you also need an app for that Android. With Mightytext, you can not only write SMS on your desktop at home, but also easily create message backups. Alternatively, Windows users can connect Android via the Phone app. The app provides a closer link between your computer and smartphone.
6. Click & Clean The Chrome extension Click & Clean is for a practical “basic cleaning” of the browser. If not disabled, the Chrome browser collects a lot of data, such as cookies, your entire surfing history, passwords, and many other personal data over time. Also, because websites are cached, in some cases the website may not display correctly. Click & Clean is a practical solution to delete this data and more.
7. Clear cache For users who are too powerful with the Click & Clean tool, an alternative, reduced Clear Cache may be sufficient. The cache clearing extension allows you to clear your browser with a single click on ballast and cookies. In the options, you can choose exactly which data (app cache, cookies, downloads, history, etc.) to remove in any period (time, day of the week, everything).
8. Chrome Remote Desktop This Chrome extension allows you to remotely access other computers. The extension runs on OS X, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks, providing an easy option for remote maintenance. Chrome computers are tools that are easy to do, whether you’re making minor changes on a colleague’s computer or helping out with your parents’ problems.
9. Google Translator This extension should not be present on your computer. Google Translator for Chrome has been great over the past few months. You can translate directly from the icon next to the address bar, but you can also display selected text passages from foreign languages ​​directly in a small pop-up window. You can optionally read the text.
10. A good alternative: the transition Conversion is a simple tool with practical benefits. As you can see in the screenshot, the plugin will help you translate the text. This will only send the selected text section in the desired language. Now Chrome can do this by default, but since the integration doesn’t always work reliably, these “alternate” solutions aren’t wrong.
11.Image: Enlarges the photo without opening it in the Add window. Imagus is a practical plugin that allows you to view thumbnails and other images from your website in full size without having to open it in a new window. To zoom in on an image, move the mouse cursor over the desired object and it will appear in a popup window. Extensions are also provided for Firefox, Safari and Opera. Interesting: It also shows what Facebook AI recognizes through photos posted on Facebook.
12. Panda Every time you open a new tab, Panda shows you the latest information from Hacker News, Growth Hackers, Product Hunt, Lobster, or Sidebar.io. It is also inspired by popular works by Dribbble, Behance or Awwards.
Fu type: 10 finger typing school It is true that you can type as fast as 10 fingers should be, but this won’t hurt, his fingers looking at the keyboard and structured on the fly. The Chrome extension type Fu would like to help here. The Chrome app costs 3.69 euros and is available on all desktop platforms, from Windows to OS X to Linux. However, there are other solutions to learning how to write with ten fingers.
14. Save in pocket Pocket lets you save articles, websites, images, and videos for later reading. Clicking on the symbol sends a link in the open tab to the pocket cloud and syncs the data on demand to devices such as smartphones, tablets or Windows or Mac computers. There is also a Pocket Chrome app that displays content stored on the desktop, but it will be discontinued in 2022.
15. Text Text is a simple text editor for Chrome and of course Chrome OS. You can open or syntax highlight multiple documents at the same time and sync your data with Google Drive. Anyone looking for a text editor that supports horseback should take a closer look at the text.
16. Google Notebook You should not miss our minimalist note service in the overview of the actual Chrome extension. You can use the app, which is also available on Android, to record notes as text and task lists and add photos. This tool is very useful for quick notes and task lists.
17. Page Monitor Some sites are visited every day because there are new things to see every day, such as news sites or social networks, but there are certain relevance to other websites, but I don’t surf regularly, but I don’t want to miss them if something happens. Page Monitor is provided because the real tool displays users when there is a new blog post added to the Google Play or Apple Refurbished Store or anywhere on their favorite page or new product.
18. Cool Screenshots A nice Screenhot can be seen as a minimalist alternative to Skitch. The plugin, also available in Firefox and Safari, allows you to quickly take screenshots and annotate them yourself. You can also share your results via social channels, emails or links. Fireshot is also an interesting alternative.
19.Giphy for Chrome Almost everything is better communicated with animated GIFs. But anyway, they strengthen communication and often underline statements written in winks. You can install the Chrome extension for Giphy, one of the largest GIF networks, so that you always have the right GIFs within easy reach, such as Slack communication or social networks. Some extensions are also suitable for Gmail.
20. What font? Great tool for web designers: Whatfont shows you the fonts used on your website. In addition to naming fonts, the plug-in also provides extended information such as font-weight, font-style, font-size, and line-height.
21.Color Zilla The plugin Colorzilla allows you to see what colors are used on your website. With a digital pipette, you can jump to that color, and the HTML code behind it is already visible. You can also create gradients and choose colors from a color palette without a template.
22.Mozbar: SEO Extension for Chrome There is also a great Chrome plugin for (hobbies) SEO. The plugin provides a classic toolbar that automatically displays metrics such as page permissions, domain permissions, and backlink counts when you visit a website. Click the plug-in icon to display additional information about the website. The data comes directly from Moz and also appears below the individual items when the search results are called.
23. Responsive Checker Another thing for web developers: Responsive Checker promises to make media query tasks easy. This tool shows you the media queries that are available in the document, and you can bring the browser to the settings of that media query to show the exact location of the query in the style sheet. The plugin also creates a screenshot of the entire page in that media query.
24. HTTPS anywhere The HTTPS Everywhere plugin developed by Tor Project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) automatically checks if a website can be set up over an SSL connection. In this case, the user is automatically redirected to that encrypted page. This extension also checks to see if the SSL page shows the same content as the unencrypted connection. The plug-in works with both Chrome and Firefox in Mozilla.
25: Privacy Badger Privacy badges, such as HTTPS Everywehere, are provided by EFF and are designed to protect you from threats to cross-website tracking and other privacy. The Chrome extension (also available in Firefox) recognizes certain patterns when visiting websites. Privacy Badger Extension also activates the “Do Not Track” flag. This tells the website that cross-page tracking is undesirable. If the website again complies with the “Do Not Track” rule, it will be added to the whitelist.
26. New Tab Page: Momentum New Tab Page Momentum combines stylish photography with pretty typography and related information. In addition to time, current weather and selected links, you can record the most important daily tasks, and when done, start with a clear conscience. Do your own tools like Clock, Asa, Google Note, Trello, GitHub and many more of their images that can be uploaded for a monthly fee.
27.Polar Photo Editor Tired of spending money on image editing tools? There is no problem. Polarr Photo Editor, already published in the 3rd edition, allows you to edit your photos and add filters directly from the browser window. The application is not close to professional tools, but it is always enough for home use.
28. What happened This little plugin tells you what technology your website is implemented with. The tool is displayed at the touch of a button that runs the developed programming language and web server software. It also lists the CMS used, integrated tracking tools, and more.
The extension was originally developed by Jijo Sunny. The primary goal was to identify the top 50 ad networks. The tool has since been extended to recognize frameworks and scripts. Extensions can now capture almost any element used in the background of a website, from widgets and analytics to fonts.
29. Strict Workflow Strict Workflow allows you to work intensively without being interrupted by “more important” events on the internet. The plugin will block certain websites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and other delay traps for 25 minutes. Then this page is released for 5 minutes. You can optionally expand the scope of blocked pages and change the action and hang steps. Oh yes: a vivid red tomato appears instead of a blocked website.
30. Last Pass Do you need more control in the chaotic password jungle? Lastpass’s Chrome extension lets you manage your passwords and create strong passwords. The autocomplete function is also practical because you don’t have to retrieve the login data again. For 1Passwort and there is a finite similar extension.
This is just a rough overview of the actual Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store and are helpful or practical. If you have any other cool chrome extensions that you can never do without them, please let me know in the comments. Developers can find useful applications in the Extensions collection.

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