Today, OPPO officially announced that R15 officially opened ColorOS 6 beta. The beta user holding the R15 can detect the upgrade in “Settings – Software Update”. OPPO said that the version will be pushed in batches, please be patient and wait for the version update. Prior to this, R15 Dream Edition has taken the lead in opening beta.

ColorOS 6 is the latest generation of ROM developed by OPPO. It was released on the ColorOS 5th Anniversary Celebration on November 22nd last year. It focuses on “Zimei Borderless ” and proposes the concept of borderless aesthetics based on the comprehensive screen.

In the UI design, ColorOS 6 uses a lot of white cloth to create the interface space level. The information density of the page is reduced and the breathing is more. Although the interface has been simplified, the hierarchical relationship has not been disordered, but has become more Orderly. Compared with the old interface, it is more comfortable and elegant.

At the same time, ColorOS 6 has developed a new Chinese character library , which has a strict definition of different paragraphs, showing a clear and comfortable look and feel.

In terms of performance optimization, ColorOS 6 has joined the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine to improve the performance of the APP by establishing two-way communication between the system and the application.

In addition, ColorOS has developed a new AI application quick freeze, no longer killing applications in the background. After 15 days of local learning and exploration, the AI model accurately matches usage habits and efficiently makes user behavior predictions. The APP enters the background for 20 minutes, and the AI system automatically decides whether to freeze or not, and the overall power consumption is reduced by 7%. This technology will be installed in ColorOS 6.

It is understood that at present, ColorOS has more than 250 million users worldwide, covering 140 countries and regions, covering 21 languages.