Steam Awards winner list was announced, “Wolf” won the game of the year, and “GTA5” won the love payout award.

▲ Best Game of the Year 2019: “The Wolf”

Maybe because of its immersive gameplay, or because of its exciting storyline, well-made characters, flawless design, or an exciting multiplayer mode. Whatever the reason, this year’s “Best Game of the Year 2019” award quickly became a classic.

▲ Best VR Game of the Year 2019: “Beat Saber”

Speaking of innovations in games, the pace of progress in VR is unmatched. If we can make the decision, then all VR developers should win awards because they have created a future of immersive games and experiences that no other medium can match. But there is only one trophy, so you, the members of the Steam Awards jury, will crown the best games of 2019.

▲ Love for 2019: “GTA5”

This game has been out for a while. The gaming team is long past the stage of creative success. But they are great parents who continue to nourish and support their creativity. Even after all these years, the game continues to introduce new content.

▲ 2019 Solo Music is not as good as Zhongle Music: “DayZ”

Some games feel completely different when you play alone. Maybe you need a friend to cut your ribs, or you need a friend to cut your ribs. Regardless, these games allow you to call friends and share joy.

▲ 2019’s most creative gameplay: “My Friend Pedro”

This game is at the forefront of experiments. It is full of exciting new interactions and unexpected surprises, and it continues to expand the boundaries of the media. The game is creative, letting you embark on an extraordinary journey together!

▲ Outstanding Storyline Game 2019: Plague Tale: Innocence

Sometimes, only a story-rich game can stir your heart, and this game has a rich storyline. It’s as fascinating as all soap operas, and as elaborate as good script. It makes us feel good and does a good job!

▲ It’s hard to get crazy in 2019: Mortal Kombat 11

Games always allow us to break our own shackles. It’s like a montage picture in a movie. Week after week, we work hard and diligently to make our fingers fast and flexible, and to accurately grasp the timing and position. After overcoming the difficulties, we were greatly encouraged by the unforgettable beauty and strong personal growth experience. But if you throw the monitor out of the flat glass window on the first day, it will no longer exist.

▲ Outstanding Visual Style 2019: “Gris”

These developers are the magicians of the visual feast. Visual style doesn’t pursue lifelike graphic fidelity (although it is a lofty goal in itself) … it means that the entire game presents a unique style and look and feel. The visual consistency and expressiveness of this game is not only seamless from the game world itself, but also dwarfs the real world.