Samsung Galaxy S10 may be equipped with 12GB RAM, 1TB ROM

After the current Android phone has appeared with 10GB memory specifications, it is clear that Samsung plans to further increase the memory capacity to 12GB, while the built-in storage capacity will be upgraded to 1TB.

According to the Hong Kong GF Securities Analysis Report, Samsung will be able to launch a mobile phone with a memory capacity of up to 12GB and a built-in storage capacity of 1TB. It is possible to use the Galaxy S10 , which will be launched in the first half of next year , or the application will be launched in the second half of the year. Galaxy Note 10.

Prior to this, Samsung has provided up to 8GB of memory in the Galaxy Note 9, as well as built-in 512GB storage capacity specifications, plus the current black shark mobile phone in the new black shark mobile phone Helo began to use 10GB memory capacity design, so next year is expected to launch the flagship model The use of higher memory capacity is actually expected. Since most flagship models are already offering 512GB of storage capacity, the option to provide up to 1TB of storage capacity is not surprising.

In terms of current market rumors, the Galaxy S10 is expected to launch at least three versions, including the standard Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Lite, which attracts more people through colorful designs, and includes the Galaxy S10+, which is launched in conjunction with 5G networking requirements. It may be equipped with Infinity-O heterogeneous display screen, Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 (or Snapdragon 855 ) processor, and equipped with a three-lens main camera, which will be equipped with ultra-sound screen fingerprint identification provided by Qualcomm. Program.

As for the 5G networked data chip, Samsung may only use its own 5100 5G network data chip, and may not use the Snapdragon X50 data chip provided by Qualcomm , but Samsung will still maintain a cooperative relationship with Qualcomm in 5G networking applications, such as It is expected to introduce Qualcomm to provide data chips in its small base station installation .

Galaxy S10 is expected during the next year MWC 2019 debut, and the fastest sale in the spring of next year, before it is possible to carry out with the same Infinity-O heterogeneous display screen, and the first to import the fingerprint recognition function under ultrasound screen 2019 Galaxy A8.

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