10 recommended episodes to watch on Netflix at lock-down.

Measures to prevent the spread of the coronary virus or COVID-19 make many people who are movie fans. Having boredom, nothing to do … Today we will introduce 10 series that can be watched on Netflix for a long time. Until the eyes get wet

In the introduction of this Netflix series, I will select only the series that is What big movies like this do not have, which within 10 stories that are recommended Can say that there are all genres Whether it’s funny Relax in the midst of the COVID-19 ‘s current eating habits , until the psychedelic psychedelic series leads to depression. Each series has many seasons to sit and watch each day for a long time. What’s the matter? Let’s see together.


Beginning with an immortal sitcom that believes that people who grew up in the 90s must know each other, like Friends. This series tells the story of six young men who live in opposite rooms. Which is even a sitcom, funny, brain-friendly, but can say that each episode Has hidden all the good thoughts, whether friendship, friendship Or various knowledge around And although the series may look a little dated, but personally I think Most of the pearls aren’t old-fashioned. Also, this story is perfect for people who are practicing English. Because the dialogue used in this story Can be used in almost every sentence of everyday life

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy, Romance

Number of seasons: 10 (finished)

Length of episode (average): 20 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.9


Is another sitcom that looks funny in a number of times. The story will proceed like a friend. It will be the story of six young people who have lifestyles that are unlikely to be friends. Considered as another series that seems to stop smiling along with the cuteness to spoil a little to see that it’s a sitcom. But there are also some parts that can cause tears to break as well T_T

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy, Romance

Number of seasons: 9 (Finished)

Length of episode (average): 20 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.3


Resting old series Introducing a new series, The Good Place, which tells the story of 4 young men (again) who have done a lot of good deeds in the world until finally, at the time of death, had enough merit to Made them to heaven Or in the series named “The Good Place”, but then on the first day, there are strange things Many occurrences are filled. By saying first that this story Aside from being fun Also hides the teachings of philosophers and great ideas

Genre: Simcom, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Season number: 4 (not yet finished) | Netflix Thailand has 3 seasons

Length of episode (average): 20 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.2


Is a sitcom that often cuts short clips to Facebook or Twitter. It has always been funny for the Brooklyn Nine Nine. The protagonist is inevitable. Jake Peralta, a very talented young policeman. That has personality on your feet .. so much! But he does not know if fate is a joke or not because his boss or director is Captain Ray Holt all day. Is serious emotion How will it be? Guys And the chief of the dormant come together to meet

Type: Simcom, Comedy, Investigation

Number of seasons: 7 (not over yet) | Netflix Thailand has 6 seasons

Length of episode (average): 20 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.4


After having only a lot of brain relaxing series Find out how this happened with the Black Mirror series Thought Provoking or the series that will make us use our brain even more. Watch each episode and have to think hard. Some parts are stressful and depressed. In addition, each episode So scary Because the story that Black Mirror picks up All close to us together Most of them are social reflections. I’d like you to try and suggest which topics are interesting. Then click first because Black Mirror is the series ending in the episode Unsorted See whichever one first.

Genre: Drama, sci-fi, thriller

Season number: 5 (not finished yet)

Length of episode (average): 1 hour

IMDB rating: 8.8


Just released Season Two recently, Kingdom is a Korean retro zombie series. That is guaranteed to be in good condition That is throughout the season. The story is about a strange epidemic that occurred in the Joseon era. Resulting in a large number of deaths And the horror is that those bodies resurrect Come and chase people all over

Genre: Action, drama, horror

Season number: 2 (not finished yet)

Length of episodes (average): 45 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.3


Introducing a stressful series. Went to two stories Better first I get stressed out. Let’s take a look at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air . I said before that this is an old series … so maybe there are some jokes that Will Smith, the lead actor, has been skeptical or misunderstood. But overall it is quite a good series. Will, who is the hero of the story Has a cheerful and clear personality But who really knows Then what is he overlapping .. Believe that if anyone looks to end Definitely have to laugh and mix with tears But to tell you that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a lighthearted series Those who like Bahia Will Smith should not miss it.

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy

Number of seasons: 6 (Finished)

Length of episodes (average): 22 minutes

IMDB rating: 7.9


Many people may not understand that people with autism Why is he ranting for no reason? Or why all of a sudden To cry in the middle of the room. So this Atypical is the series that best describes people with this disease. After watching it, I understand a lot. But this story is not only stressful. It is very funny. One thing that I have seen for Atypical is both lighthearted and complete in one matter.

Genre: Comedy, drama

Season number: 4 (not yet finished) | Netflix Thailand has 3 seasons

Length of episodes (average): 30 minutes

IMDB rating: 8.3


Anyone who likes the series that the protagonist tells. Or to describe something in a scene to you about ” YOU” is another story that responds to that group very much. Joe Goldberg is a romantic guy who is ready to do everything for the people he loves to really take care of everything. Not even excluding …. (Go to see by yourself) but anyway, what is too much is not good. Want to know how much to go. Have to click and see at this moment

Genre: Investigation, drama, romance

Season number: 2 (not finished yet)

Length of episodes (average): 45 minutes

IMDB rating: 7.8


Is the story of a gangster character who is a gangster in Birmingham, England. Anyone who likes British accents Not to be missed for Peaky Blinders.

Genre: Investigation, Drama

Season number: 7 (not over yet) | Netflix Thailand has 5 seasons

Length of episode (average): 1 hour

IMDB rating: 8.8

And all of these are 10 fun and easy-to-watch series on Netflix because they believe that after the government announced the closure of the cinema for a total of 14 days, all movie fans will definitely get bored. What should I do in 14 today? So give 10 series of things that I personally think are good and fun for friends to try and watch Anyone who has watched anything, leave a comment here. Or anyone who has a series that you would like to recommend, can tell.

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